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Deplorable Sheik Muzaata attacks Katikiro and ugly women at Mbuga’s wedding


Deplorable Sheik Muzaata attacks Katikiro and ugly women at Mbuga’s wedding

Sheik Nooh Muzata Batte

Sheik Nooh Muzata Batte

Before you think that Rafiki has committed sacrilege by branding Maverick Sheik Nooh Muzaata Batte ‘deplorable’ come to imagine a religious leader parading his own daughter for loaded men to bid.

Yes! It was at Serena Hotel in Kampala at Tycoon Mbuga’s wedding when Sheik Nooh Muzaata was given a microphone to address the congregation only to castigate broke men and parading his own daughter revealing that she is single and searching and that he would eagerly welcome “any man ” with a juicy bank statement to marry her.

It wasn’t long before socialite and CEO of Pemba sports a one Jack Pemba came over and started splashing dollars all over the  young girl following the dollars with his business card.

With a gesture of hypocricy, Muzaata kept smiling while a non Muslim man was busy flirting with his daughter. I am not trying to be a religious fanatic given the fact that I am not even a Muslim but we have always heard Muzaata rebuking Muslim families that marry their children to non muslims. Or even parents who ask for a lot of things to marry off their daughters.

Another one: For those who thought that Muzaata had mended his position with Buganda’s Premier Charles Peter Mayiga you must have got it wrong. Muzaata threw another jibe at the Katikiro when he praised former Katikiro JB Walusimbi for always visiting Ugandans in South Africa and not ‘begging’ them for Etofaali” money.

Praising the Beauty of Mbuga’s  bride Vivian,  Muzaata raged on about  ugly women advising  men never to marry ugly women because they are ‘scary’ when you wake up next to them almost forgeting that God is the creator of both ugly and beautiful.

Dear Sheik Muzaata, you must understand that as a religious leader you should never rubbish God’s creations and that you should be encouraging young girls to work hard instead of parading them on the pedestral for the highest bidder to buy. You should also know God created both the rich and the poor. Asalaam Alyikum.




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