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Omulangira Suuna in trouble


Omulangira Suuna in trouble

Omulangira Ssuun in trouble

Omulangira Ssuuna in trouble

Rumour has reached Rafiki concerning OS (Omulangira Suuna’s) rent issues.

Three years ago, then newly divorced from his former girlfriend, moved into this Ugx 700,000 crib in Makindye

Until 5 month ago OS has always paid his rent on time but it looks like his income source has shrank and sour man has started dodging paying.

Now the owner who Rafiki understands resided in Sweden had entrusted the house to his wife who has been collecting the rent until when Suuna developed the habit of  playing hide and seek – Rafiki is privy to info that he just sneaks in late at night and moves out in the wee hours of the morning.

But it always happens, OS run out of luck and the lady caught him red handed and

asked him to pay the whole amount which has accumulated to 3.5million.

What is sad is that as we speak now, Omulangira is selling every thing he owns so that he can disentangle himself from the web of debts.



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