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Is Dr. Propa playing Muko on his own woman?


Is Dr. Propa playing Muko on his own woman?

Is he sad

Is he sad

Rafiki has failed to categorize this comical saga, either it’s a funny or a very sad story and Rafiki just hopes that one Zungu does not read it from these page.

Story is that Dr. Propa has been staying with a beautiful belle called Patricia in Entebbe.

Their lifestyle has always risen eyebrows because they drink like fish day in day out, without them engaging into any economic activity.  Kumbe! This Patricia has a Zungu guy who has been bankrolling her and thus she shares the dime with Dr. Propa.

Now, since last month, the Zungu decided to come back unannounced and that he has been staying with Dr.propa and Patricia and her Zungu lover, because, the duo had not prepared for a hide out for Dr. Propa.

Well Rafiki thinks this is a sad story and everyone should pity Dr. Propa for playing ‘Muko’of the house. If you cant pity him, then your heart is made of chilled stone!

I even became sadder after listening to his song  “Omwana wo mwavu” bambi, or maybe I shouldn’t be feeling sad now that I have listened to his song “Omusummer wa Kampala’!



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