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Top musician raking in millions through a special ganja roll


Top musician raking in millions through a special ganja roll

Marijuana smoker getting high

Marijuana smoker getting high

I guess this would be welcoming news in some states in America and Europe where marijuana is legal stuff, however, here in our motherland where the stuff is illegal, Rafiki is giving a tip to the authorities to do something about this story,

Over the weekend, Rafiki discovered very disturbing news, apparently here in Kampala there is a kind of ganja(marijuana) that is sold exclusive in one place and it is called ‘skang’ and forget those sticks that they sell in the ghettos for 1k, this skang goes for 10k a stick

Mbu if you take just one stick mbu …. ‘you fly to heaven’ and it is prepared or rolled by only one person.

This person has announced to the whole of Uganda that he uses ganja and even sings praises about it in one of his songs.

Rafiki was shocked to find cars parked and their owners buying this stuff at one of the beaches!

Rafiki, does not know if this is bad or good because there is controversial scientific findings that ganja is good for your health and others that it is bad, but as long as Uganda is concerned I think am doing the Police a great favour!………………..



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