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Dr. Bitone’s wife leaves because of bedbugs


Dr. Bitone’s wife leaves because of bedbugs

Dr Bitone

Dr Bitone

Anyone who calls himself a name, must be confident that he has qualities that befit what he baptisizes himself!

So for Dr. Bitone, he was never shy to tell whoever cared to listen that he was so confident of his kitone……that no woman could leave him whatever happens in his life.

Many of his friends also could attest to this confidence including his ‘come we stay wife’ who was obviously satisfied with the “kitone” of the doctor.

But as we speak now, not even his kitone can convince the wife to stay at home.

Apparently, their home has been invaded by bedbugs that made sure that Dr. Bitone doesn’t showcase his kitone in his bed any more.

The case became so serious to the point that now Dr. Bitone is single and wife has sworn never to go back till Dr. finds a permanent solution to the bedbugs.

Rafiki has a simple remedy for you Dr. just go to former container village, look for a powder called ‘Dudu dust’ and your problems will be history and wife will come back.




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