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New Chapter Africa Shoots Latest Project


New Chapter Africa Shoots Latest Project

New chapter Africa's latest project

New chapter Africa’s latest project

New Chapter Africa (NCA) is a boys’ group which drew their inspiration and passion from church. NCA group is made up of Edwin Lutaaya, Breakthrough Life Ministry, along Gayaza road.

This group shot their new gospel song, Nabibuuse, in a Gospel inspirational song which they think will reach out and touch many people’s hearts. It song was produced by Nessim Pan Production and Producer skills.

They have released several songs that include; Bingi, which was shot by Sasha Vybes. They have also released: Follow You, in which Nessim is the main audio producer. They revealed that their name “New Chapter Africa” is a God-given name and being Born-Again Christians, they feel that their name is the best expression of them.

Asked whether they won’t leave the Gospel music style to the local club vibes, they explained that they are so forced on doing Gospel songs; and they do not have any plans of changing their style.

NCA is not under any management, but they are so bonded with their fans, who they feel that they have helped them to develop their career; and they strongly believe that Nabibuuse Dance Video, will move them to places.




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