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Tubonge artistes laugh to the bank as they revolt against Bebe


Tubonge artistes laugh to the bank as they revolt against Bebe

Tubonga Naawe Stars Laugh At The Bank

Tubonga Naawe Stars Laugh At The Bank

Few people know that the Tubonge crew totaled to 36 artistes and the reason this is news is because it was only the big guns known to everyone that were remembered. But as they say the bigger they get the harder they fall and so while the big guns were facing the wrath from their fans the smaller guns were basking in the shadows.

Rafiki is now privy to info that mzee Kaguta is not blind to their suffering of these small artistes mbu he has signaled for their leader to hurry to State House and collect monies that will rescue them from their impoverished state.

Rafiki has also learnt that Mzee Kaguta signaled them because he had heard thei cry in a letter written to him in which they complained that Bebe Cool was denying them their shares, he would call all the artistes to Serena and buy them tea and start quizzing each of them about their roles.

And mbu at one occasion he asked Fiina Masanyalaze thus “kati gwe Fiina wayimba ki?’ literally translated “Fiina let me in on what you sang” and that after quizzing them he would distribute money as he would see fit.

That now the whole bunch has toppled him from the top position and have given it to booty girl Catherine Kusasira, who has promised to pay all musicians their money as she receives it!

Good move this is what Rafiki calls this.



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