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Abdu Mulaasi, Willy Mukaabya beef over song


Abdu Mulaasi, Willy Mukaabya beef over song

Willy Mukaabya beef over song

When you see two guys who are supposed to be veterans fighting for a song that is not even a hit, then you know they have hit a new low!

Rafiki has learnt that Abdu Mulaasi is claiming that Mukaabya’s  song ‘Byali mu pulani’is his song from the first word to the last, mbu Willy Mukabya stole and sang it.

Now Rafiki has heard that Abdu who these days lives in the village is promising Willy Mukaabya fire unless the later goes on public television and apologizes to him and also stops singing the song during his shows!

Oba what happened to Abdu Mulaasi, we just hope that the farm of women did not affect his better judgment



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