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Sebatta rescued from debts as Matendo band’s prepares for its death!


Sebatta rescued from debts as Matendo band’s prepares for its death!

Sebatta rescued from debts

Sebatta rescued from debts

That Lord Fred Ssebatta has debt problems has been a dark cloud on someone who Rafiki believes is the cream of Kadongo Kamu,  is no secret.

There is a time when Fred even came out in the media and sent an SOS, that debts were about to kill him. But as we speak now, Ssebatta is debt free (unless he got a loan during the Eid celebrations).

Grapevine has learnt that about 3 weeks ago,  Ssebatta was given Ugshs 50 million by honorable Kasolo, and was contracted for five years, and banned from singing anywhere else, unless the show is organized by Hon. Kasolo himself.

You must remember that this is the same honorable who bought Cream Production.

In the agreement Ssebatta will be singing for free whenever the Hon. has a ‘Kivulu’ he will also be facilitated with Ugshs 100k, for fuel for all shows in Kampala. Outside Kampala this facilitation will always depend on the distance

Now Rafiki is wondering, whether Ssebatta will survive after being paid for five years in advance. Will this not attract more loans and debts, and as for Matendo (Ssebatta’s group), their chance of survival is equal to the chance of a body living without its head!



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