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Fina Masanyalaze pregnant!


Fina Masanyalaze pregnant!

Musician Fiina Mugerwa

Musician Fiina Mugerwa

This electric dancer stormed the Ugandan show biz scene with her erotic dance movements and the dancing strokes remained even when she decided to become a musician, but a few years ago her relationship with a one Ken Muyiisa with whom she had a child became very ugly after another erotic dancer snatched Muyiisa.

Mbu she was heart-broken and she disappeared from the stage for now close to three years.

Now a friend of hers has informed grapevine that she is now baking another bun in her oven!

Usually, there is a lot of speculation when it comes to celebs being PG, this is for the simple reason that you can’t pin point exactly who a friend is and who a lover is.

And for that reason Rafiki will not guess who the father is, but what Rafiki is sure of is that this is indeed a love child because if it was an unwanted you all know what would have happened to it

Here at the Grapevine we all chorus…….congs mum!



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