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Who says Kadongo-Kamu doesn’t pay?


Who says Kadongo-Kamu doesn’t pay?

Who says Kadongo-Kamu doesn't pay?

Who says Kadongo-Kamu doesn’t pay?

Ok many Kadongo-Kamu singers are broke. .even the Lord’s of Kadongo- kamu are sometimes dogged by embarrassing debts. But believe you me some are really doing well; take for instance Walukagga’s and now Grace Nakadama.

Our snoop landed on Grace who is a Kadongo Kamu dancer but has now expanded her wings into other businesses. Just recently Rafiki has been spotting Grace doing decorations on several functions. .She was spotted in weddings and graduation parties. ..and even if Rafiki doesn’t wish to be her advertising agent, one thing for sure is that she does real fine decorations.

It’s against this back ground that Rafiki asserts that it’s just how you spend and invest your hard earned cash that will determine what your future will be. For Grace its kudos !



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