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Is Nina Roz plotting something with Dante?


Is Nina Roz plotting something with Dante?

Is Nina Roz plotting something with Dante?

Is Nina Roz plotting something with Dante?

We all at least know Nina Roz for being the tallest brown music diva in Uganda and her songs like Mekete, Omuliro cannot be forgotten when building her CV, but these days Nina seems to be plotting something fishy

She is signed under Boom Bark records but currently this label is having problems with artistes it signed recently, first it was Nutty Neithan to part ways with this label and we hear that issues of Boom Bark Records and Nutty are with the lawyers now.

Many other artists and comedians signed under this label having been reported turning away from this label and the only sounding name of this label has of now been Nina Roz

Close sources tell the Sunrise’s Rafiki, that these days Nina Roz no longer leaves the side of video producer Dante Kazibwe of Artmark films; Dante is a video producer behind songs like Baala by Dax Kartel, Olina work by Beenie Gunter, Olumya bano by Nina Roz among others.

That ever since Nina’s last project that Dante handled, these two have been seen everywhere together, “mbu” Dante seems to be positioning himself as Nina’s manager, “era nti”these days Dante is over escorting Nina to her performance

Could it be that Nina wants to quit Boom Bark records for Dante?, or it just friendly business? Could it be that these two are currently an item……Rafiki is just waiting to discover.




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