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Fik Fameica faces law lawsuit for duplication


Fik Fameica faces law lawsuit for duplication

Fik Fameica to face law for copying

Fik Fameica to face law for copying

Renowned Ugandan rapper Fik Fameica is to be sued over song plagiarism.

It should be remembered that he rose to fame after he copied and pasted Fester Skank a song belonging to Fuse Odg, Chipmunk and others from where where created his song Pistol.

Through a television interview on NBS after five, the Kutama artist said he saw no problem in copying and pasting so long as the fans appreciated and danced to the copied tunes.

All was well for the Ugandan rapper until Chin Bees a Tanzanian rapper filed a law suit against him for copying his song Pepeta from which he created his Mafia song. Through his lawyers, Bees filed a lawsuit against Fameica and his Karma Ivie management.

Through a cease and desist notice of intention to sue from Bees’ lawyers, the Ugandan rapper has been banned from performing the Mafia song.

‘It has come to our client’s attention that sometime in 2018, you released, performed and widely shared online a song Mafia that has the same musical composition as our client’s song Pepeta.

The two songs are entirely alike phonetically and our client takes issue with your unlawful copying, unauthorised use or appropriation of their song Pepeta.

Consequently, this is to demand that you immediately cease and desist from any further promotion, use, performance of the intriguing song Mafia. Further, that you take down all publications of the same from all your social websites and other online platforms.’






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