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Staying in the limelight at all odds


Staying in the limelight at all odds

BaBad Black; Struggles to stay at the topd Black

Bad Black; Struggles to stay at the top

Ever since faded city socialite Shanitah Namuyimbwa alias Bad black came out of jail in May 2016, she has struggled to keep her name in the spotlight.

Listed are stunts the melanin turned brown beauty has pulled off to keep her name on your lips.

After her release from Jail, black ventured into showbiz choosing music as her path to fame. She signed with musician Rey Signature as her writer. The collaboration resulted into the release of her first song Mandigaadi. Though she is not a great vocalist, the song kept her in the news for a while and gave relevance to her name.

Becoming born again

After Black realized that the world had not been fair, she turned to God and went to pastor Kayanja for salvation. Black, who is educated in muslim faith and is a good reciter of the hadeeth, decided to start her own church. However, the negativity and backlash she got from gal power group at the pastor’s church left her with no choice but to leave.

Don Zella’s alliance

Started her girl power foundation with Don Zella that saw them host parties and the two were always on television. Whatever happened to their force, only God knows.

Abandons toddler

Leaves her toddler Jonah in a hotel room in Nairobi. The criticism after her act gave her much momentum as almost everyone was talking about her though again the same was short-lived.

Returns to oldest profession

At this moment, black was stark in poverty so she decided to go to Dubai and started Hawking her goodies. Prostitution in Dubai did her well and connected her to lots of loaded men. The world was calm and no body mentioned her name until she alleged that she had slept with president Museveni and he had made her pregnant.

Her political drama resurfaced during the free Bobi Wine Campaign as it was during this saga that her video accusing Museveni emerged.

As if that was not enough, Black introduced the Hodulopu and sitting room video challenge, one video led to the other and social media lifted her again. She was back in the country.

Gets Police invitation

Police invited her at CID headquarters for defamation. This is when she left people power camp and also revealed she was pregnant though she continued Hawking.

Attacks celebrities

Later, Maama Jonah listed female celebrity prostitutes and men she has slept with telling the world which man was poor at what and vice versa.

People had gotten used to Black until Bebe Cool dissed her that she was broke to which she retaliated with insults and telling the world how the Gagamel crew boss is not man enough. Bebe was silenced and Black was on top again.

She attacked Lydia Jasmine for having bad legs and ordered her to stop posing with beautiful girls ‘spice Diana’. She didn’t get a response from Jasmine. She went on to attack songstress Sheebah Karungi reminding her how old she is and that she should stop copying Beyonce.

As the online relatives were still waiting for Sheebah’s reply, she got them a zungu in-law and shared romantic pictures on social media telling all how prostitution had earned her marriage. This was on Saturday 18th everyone was proud.

Later on Sunday Black broke off the engagement with claims that the zungu fiancee was not loaded enough and there is no way she can settle down for less (money) that she gets in just 20 minutes of her Hawking.




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