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‘Crucifying Christ and releasing Barabbas’


‘Crucifying Christ and releasing Barabbas’

A photo montage of Uganda’s top Politicians Dr. Besigye, President  museveni and Bobi wine

Look at what your country, that you always say you love so much, is going through. You are lying. You make me remember the days when I said to people through writing that lying is bad yet during those days I was among the top liars in this country. God indeed exists, and He didn’t release me to take me see the yearnings of my heart until I became upright in my heart. I was highly bad tempered.

Anger imprisoned me for so many years. I would listen whenever philosophers talked to me to guide me but whenever they told me that jealous is among the destroyers of what we painfully build, I would shut my ears, to refuse to listen. There are things that bring failure.
Stop lying. All the tears that you today cry today have been cried for centuries by the people who later became immortal.

I possess the same time as my fellow inspirational writers in this country. Some of these people have even managed to master even more than one language and really these people can write more than I can do. But they have failed to do the things we easily do on a daily basis. I have a big secret they may never land their hands on. They don’t want to.

We are very difficult too see but we are available and like other people, we want company. One cannot be my friend if their thinking has refused to turn from small to big.

Go in isolation and think of why you are not there. The people leading are perhaps bad. If they go, others who will come in will also be bad. There, is Barabbas who would be crucified. He is released and, see, Jesus who is sinless, the son of God is being hanged.

You are the problem of this country. Do not blame us for delaying to warn you against the habits that you have clung on for years. You should see what you are today seeing. Don’t complain. All people who succeed pass through heart-breaking struggles, to discover and fully use what forces almost the entire world to stay up at night and work until morning looking for.

If Bobi Wine doesn’t win the next presidential election, in 2021, please don’t go to the streets to burn tyres. If this man in power uses the same tactics he has always been using, he will win again in 2021. If he traverses the country and he convinces us and he wins, do not riot please People Power. If you are won, try again and again like how Kiiza Besigye has been doing for almost twenty years now.

People, who are unaware of the books that Besigye is reading, are busy urging him to leave the hunting for the young men who crossed from music to politics. As we are busy guiding you, Besigye also sits somewhere and listens. He knows that it is very bad to give up.

Besigye is free to stand again. Kiiza Besigye doesn’t want to leave the hunted animal to a man who grew rich at the age of twenty two to enjoy it. Bobi Wine recently shocked his followers when he said that he became a millionaire at the age of twenty two.

Besigye cannot quit, so that a boy who has never suffered in life, as Besigye thinks, can eat what he has hunted for almost twenty years. People want me to stop talking but they cannot do what I do.

Why should Museveni go when his enemies are too not ready to let others come in? Do not be fooled. And if you have refused to work, just know that no one will take you out of the pit that the majority of Ugandans are in. We have crucified Jesus and we have left Barabbas gain freedom but was it the right thing to do? You are an intellectual that I am talking to.

You are one of the few people in a country full of illiteracy that we are talking to. These are secrets we are telling you. Even a cabinet minister may never look at this until he or she is sacked.

They don’t read. It is the reason why our country is so poor. We have been telling you that a man becomes what he thinks but you have refused to listen.

To some people poverty is perhaps the reason why they are soon dying. The poverty that hit me for decades is the thing that woke me up. And right now I am a problem to any dictator in this world. You are going through a lot. You are going to be a man, if it is true that you are right now learning some lessons.



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