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Prime Wife angry about the attack, wants to know what’s going on


Prime Wife angry about the attack, wants to know what’s going on

A man explaining to an angry woman

When her convoy abruptly stopped and the cars turned round in a chaotic manner, PW was thrown about in her Mercedes 600 Pullman limousine. She had not strapped herself to her cabin. She screamed and hollered and asked nobody in particular what was happening. The intercom with the driver’s cabin where her bodyguard was had not been activated.

So when the cars heading back to the Capital city had straightened, she tapped the intercom and, in a shaking voice, asked her immediate bodyguard what was going on.

“You’re Highness, we don’t know yet what is happening. We are trying to contact the Security to find out why we have turned back. Hold on a moment, Highness, some information is coming in now”, he said.

She listened to the staccato intercom: “….. ehr, there has been ..ehr…an attack on our convoy. Ehr…we are just getting that it is by … ehr… some rebels. That is what we have so far got from Security…. Shall inform you when more info comes in.”

As this was going on, the convoy picked up speed travelling at more than 200 kilometers per hour. In the process, PW had managed to strap herself to the seat. She had also regained some of her shaken composure. She abruptly switched off the intercom, and was left to her thoughts.

She did not know whom to blame; the Northern rebels or her husband, Chief the Leader. Why had he not travelled with her? If they had been together, perhaps this would not have happened, because he was safe, she, too, would have been safe! She was going to take him to task when he returned.

Why had the State not sorted out the problem of the rebels, either to defeat them or to get them to join the government? The leaders could have been bribed to come on board: their problem was money. She was going to talk to one of her assistants who were from the North; perhaps the woman could connect her to some of the leaders of the Northern rebels whom she would have worked out to be in contact with her husband.

Again abruptly, she switched on the intercom and asked her bodyguard to connect her to Chief the Leader. Since the bodyguard had no authority nor contact with CTL’s Administrative Aide, he radioed the next best contact, the Provincial Commissioner, whom they had already been in contact with, as the information organization, had been put in place so that there would be no hitches on the flow of information during CTL’s visit.

“Mr. Commissioner, this is the bodyguard of Her Highness, the Prime Wife. She wants to be connected to His Most Honored Leadership, Chief the Leader,” the bodyguard requested.

“Mr. Bodyguard, I am sorry. His Most Honored Leadership is still in a meeting with some of the leaders in the district. I am not in a position to contact him until he has finished the meeting. And I don’t know when that will be,” the PC said.

The bodyguard reported this to PW. She was incensed that she could not reach her husband. She was aware that the officials were afraid to interrupt anything that CTL was involved in. She should have asked him earlier to have communication open to him at all times when she requested.

As it was, CTL was still frolicking with his latest catch in the sumptuous residence that he had been secured for his visit. The PC could not have reported otherwise.


The CTL Story will be continued……….



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