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When Martha Kay shamed the Nation


When Martha Kay shamed the Nation

Commedian Martha Kay

Commedian Martha Kay

There is a saying that when you educate a girl you have educated a nation. It is therefore logical to state that when a woman whom many young girls  look up to, parades her self naked for all to see, we should all rally up condemn this obnoxious and shameful act of shaming the nation.

The sense of shame and possibly anger are some of the emotions that come to mind when you hear or may be see completely nude pictures of  Martha Kagimba aka Martha Kay, the young and beautiful socialite entrepreneur’s photos circulating on social media.

Meanwhile, the embarrassment has been fanned by some idle social media predators who have juxtaposed her nudes alongside her earlier photo in which she was seen posing with first lady Janet Museveni.

Martha Kay’s nudes were released, we don’t want to imagine that they were leaked, because they look all too staged. And following the regrettable move, many have expressed sympathy through her social media accounts and asked her for an official statement.

Based on her  usual active social media accounts, Martha Kay followers have yearned for the social media celebrity’s attention but alas, all has been in vain.

Her silence has prompted many well-wishers and sympathy givers to open up social media accounts in her name.

Martha’s official social media accounts are, ‘MarthaKayug’ for Twitter, ‘MarthaKayUg’ for instagram and ‘Martha Kay / Entertainer’ for facebook.

The born-again girl has admitted she turned to God after her school summoned her mother to discipline her for her poor academic grades. God knows how mom is feeling right now.




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