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Pictorial of what transpired at Rema’s Kwanjula


Pictorial of what transpired at Rema’s Kwanjula

Singer Rema Namakula yesterday pulled off a memorable ‘kwanjula’ introduction ceremony of her fiancé Dr. Hamza Ssebunya that was characterised by bliss, grand our, royalty, publicity and large.

Below is how the Ceremony transpired in Pictures

Sheik Nuuhu Muzaata arriving at the function

Mama Nabagereka arriving at the function

Dr Ssebunya Hamza arriving uin Nabbingo

Covered live by several TV outlets, Namakula introduced her new fiancée to her parents in a lavish ceremony at a posh residence in Nabbingo along Masaka road, thanks to the huge participation of Kampala’s rich club Kwagalana.

Ssebunya and Rema at the function

The Ssebunyaz

Rema Namakula at her inroduction

Maya Kenzo’s daughter at the Introduction

Maya ariving for the Kwanjula

I am taken

Cindy Sanyu at the function

The Ssemyekoso’s were present

The Bridal Cake wrapped it all



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