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Is Yoyo’s diner party a Comeback?


Is Yoyo’s diner party a Comeback?

“When you are an open minded person, it is always you to blame for your failure or success make yourself fit in the new system.”

Ugandan singer Yoyo

After getting lost for so long, “Najikonamu” singer Martin Nkoyoyo aka Yoyo, has decided to come back to the music scene with a show he calls “Yoyo 365 Dinner party.”

The show will take place on 20th November at National theatre and tickets will go for only 100,000ugx.

It will be an all year round show, Yoyo will have time to get personal with funs and share his music, challenges and experiences he has gone through and also talk about his future expectations.

“The essence of this show is to talk about what I have been up to musically and the prospects for next year and also share my music and challenges, it will be a meet and greet day with my fans.”

According to UPRS changes Yoyo believes, it is one’s own personal initiative to ensure that they work hard for themselves rather than waiting for others to come to your rescue.

Songs like Najikonamu, I love you so much, sinorita, onkuba are some of the delicacies he will serve his funs on that day.

“When you are an open minded person, it is always you to blame for your failure or success, it is relevant for one make themselves fit in the new system.”

However Yoyo believes that music is the first life time achievement he has got, “I have a name for myself and friends that is why am influential in this country even when I die I will be recognized.

Yoyo said sometimes the expenditure is not in balance with the income since the industry is a show biz but he believes that music is his passion.

“I think am on the right path, some of the music like I recorded ten years ago when they play it still the songs sound new.”

Yoyo puts the blame on himself for not always doing enough with his music carrier, now he promises fans to always expect good and new music from him.

However Yoyo said he can’t join politics as other musicians like Bobi Wine, Kalifah Aganaga are doing but he rather believes that it is human for one to be political.

“I can’t say am not a politician because we are naturally politicians, but I am not mindful of any political office right now, I want to stand with whoever wins the elections.”



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