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Kenzo to sue Ak 47’s widow over gay rumors


Kenzo to sue Ak 47’s widow over gay rumors

Musician Eddy Kenzo

Musician Eddy Kenzo

“Ssemyekozo” Singer Eddy Kenzo has come out on rumors circulating that he and other musicians like Grenade official, Harmonize from Tanzania, TNS manager Jeff Kiwa are gay.

The gay rumour was started by Ak 47’s widow Nalongo Maggie in a social media post claiming that, Grenade and Kenzo are gay.

Maggie’s post was an apparent re-battle to fince Grenade’s post in which he apparently chucked Maggie by asking her to stop calling him.

Singer Grenade official and Ak 47’s widow Nalongo Maggie

This apparently annoyed Maggie so much that she chose to go native and spill the beans. She alleged that Kenzo and Grenade had flown to Dubai for other businesses other than music.

Prior to the Dubai trip, Maggie revealed in an exclusive audio that Grenade had told her how Sheila’s boyfriend God’s plan forced him to have a fling with two other guys.

“Kenzo and Grenade were in Dubai sodomizing with Harmonize not for the show,” Maggie posted an audio in her Snapchat account.

Following the outlandish claim, which Kenzo denies, he has threatened to sue Maggie demanding that she produces evidence that shows how he was sodomizing Grenade.

“If Maggie fails to produce that evidence as claimed that I am a gay and I was in Dubai using Grenade, she will have to pay damages, she should expect a letter from  my lawyers any time from now,” said Kenzo.

Kenzo says that far from the gay rumors, he Harmonize and Grenade were actually in Dubai to perform at the One Africa Music Fest.



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