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Murchison falls the best tourist destination-Jidenna


Murchison falls the best tourist destination-Jidenna

“Bambi” artist Jidenna Theodore Mobisson better known as Jidenna spent more than one week in Uganda, he performed at the Abryanz style and fashion awards (ASFAs) and blankets and wine.

During Jidenna’s stay he also got a chance to visit Murchison fall’s national park for a short vacation courtesy of Uganda tourism board and talent Africa.

Jidenna at Murchison falls

Jidenna spent three days in Murchison fall’s which sits on the shores of Lake Albert, in Northwest Uganda.

Murchison is characterized by waterbucks, animals like crocodiles, leopards, lions, elephants, giraffes, hippos and vegetation including riverine forest and woodland.

While in the park Jidenna participated in different activities including a game drive, bike safari, hiking and boat ride.

Jidenna praised the trip to Murchison falls as he said it was magnificent and euphoric.

“I was in awe and struck by the power, force and finesse of the waterfall. What I love about the place was being surrounded by nature, water and greenery.”

“I learned a lot about animals on the trip and realized they are just like people in many ways, Uganda is a country I would definitely love to visit again really soon.”

Aly Alibhai of Talent Africa said, “ It was a pleasure hosting Jidenna in the pearl of Africa, we got a chance to show him Murchison falls national park and a different side Uganda has that people in the western world are not aware of.”

Uganda is an amazing tourist attraction and people like Jidenna can be in position to market our country to the rest of the world thus boosting the tourism sector and this would also help in saving Murchison fall’s from being destroyed.

On August 27, 2019, the Minister for Tourism Prof. Ephraim Kamuntu told a news conference in a victorious tone that government had cancelled plans of constructing  a 360 Megawatt Hydro Power Dam at the iconic Murchison Falls along River Nile in Kiryandongo and Nwoya districts.

Murchison Falls where the mighty Nile is squeezed in 6-metre gorge is considered one of the most powerful and picturesque falls in the world.



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