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Lugave the heights-from facebook strangers to a thriving business


Lugave the heights-from facebook strangers to a thriving business

A group of Baganda from the Lugave clan, who met over the social media site Facebook about four years ago, have evolved from a simple social network  into a promising business group.

The Members of Lugave clan, one of the 53 clans that make up Buganda, have evolved from a simple social networking group to form Lugave the Heights.

Started as a small loose network of eight strangers only united by the fact that they belong to the same clan, the group evolved from online strangers into a face-to-face ‘family’ and now to thriving business entity.

Members of Lugave The Heights met over the weekend in a party to celebrate their achievements but also draw strategies to attract more members and agree on investment options.

With just four years since their founding, the members who include both Ugandan-based- Lugave clan-mates as well as those based abroad, the group has initiated development projects including a savings group, purchased a piece of land, and established an events company.

Most importantly, perhaps, is the fact that the membership has grown to over 50 people who not only meet at least monthly, but also discuss business.

The development has attracted attention and recognition from the highest offices of the clan.

Hadijjah Nakitende the treasureer Lugave the Heights..

Richard Nkuubi Kizza, the head of the youth wing in Lugave clan heaped praises on Lugave the Heights as one of the most successful groups in the clan.

Nkuubi made the complements while officiating as Chief Guest at the groups start of the new year party held at Silverton gardens in Mengo Kampala.

Nkuubi however expressed disappointment at the absence of children for the members noting that failure to involve children suffocates development of the people and the country.

Nkuubi argued that by involving children in all culture activities and ceremonies not only helps to safeguard the culture and heritage but also helps to groom them into responsible leaders.

“It’s to my great surprise that most of you have not come with children. It’s as if you’ve never given birth, we should always move along with children in such cultural ceremonies because children are the next generation,” Nkuubi said.

He however, cautioned the Heights Executive to continuously invite more members in a bid to boost prosperity of the group, the Lugave clan, Buganda in general and the country at large.

Excahnging gifts at the ceremony.

“Among all Lugave groups, Lugave Heights is considered to be the leader of all and I therefore ask you to invite more members so that we become stronger as a clan and Buganda as a whole,” said Nkuubi.

Meanwhile, Vincent Ssemakula, the Heights’ Vice Chairman showed concern over what he called reluctance of Baganda to use common bonds such as clan heritage to form business entities but also get involved in clan activities.

“Many ‘Bazukulu’ are so reluctant when it comes to making contributions towards their clans, most of them grow and die minus even meeting their Clan Heads, this can only be avoided by coming together through clan groups like Lugave the Heights,” said Ssemakula.

He further urged parents to always pray and present their heirs before God as this is the only way they will leave the world sure of the people they have left behind.

“We should take the example of Abraham in the Bible who prayed for his heir Jacob and present our heirs before the Lord as it’s the only way we shall leave responsible people after us,” said Ssemakula.




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