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Abtex can’t afford to promote Serena Bata- Sipapa


Abtex can’t afford to promote Serena Bata- Sipapa

Sipapa and wife Serena Bata

Promoter Abby Musinguzi aka Abtex recently revealed that he had signed Serena Bata as an artist.

Bata is Socialite Sipapa’s wife. The two recently had wrangles over cheating rumors to an extent of him beating her to pulp.

Later Abtex announced how he signed Bata and claimed that her carrier was being wasted.

Promoter Abtex

“I always got hurt by the fact that Serena Bata’s talent stopped someone the faded, I don’t want to know about her man. I only want her as an artist.”

Sipapa has come out and rubbished Abtex rumors saying that Bata is at his place.

“Bata is at home, at least I see her there so I don’t know how Abtex claims that she left home. Abtex can’t spend 5m on promotion, he doesn’t have the money.”

“Music is not my source of income and by the way Abtex can’t add value to Serena’s carrier, anyway I last heard of him when he stole money from Saida Kaloli.” He added

Abtex referred to Sipapa as a clown who seeks for media attention.

“Sipapa is a clown who seeks for media attention so he will be everywhere as long as he gains.”

The fight started recently when Sipapa contributed 4m to Chairman Nyanzi’s wedding meetings.



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