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Comedian Pablo joins politics


Comedian Pablo joins politics

Comedian Pablo

Comedian Kenneth Kimuli commonly known for his stage name ‘Pablo’ has become the latest artiste to join active politics.

Pablo seeks to represent the people of Bunyagabu county, Bunyangabu district in the 11th Parliament on an independent ticket.

Kimuli, who was nominated last week by the Electoral Commission, has promised voters that he is ready to represent more effectively.

Pablo adds that he is not a politician but a leader who has come to serve.

He also noted that most people persive comedians as being unserious, he is ready to represent his people.

“Comedy is a funny way of being serious and at this time, it is not a joke. I am serious and I want to represent my people of Bunyangabu because it is a young district,” he said.

Other artists that joined politics Include Hilary Kiyaga, also known as Dr Hilderman, Geoffrey Lutaaya, Jose chameleone and Charles Senkubuge among others.



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