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The unwanted truth

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The unwanted truth

Whitney! Dad called me as if I was not in the house. He looked confused as his mistress looked guilty in the chair opposite him. I knelt down for him as is it was the custom in this house. He looked puzzled for what questions to ask me.

‘Stand up.’ He commanded me so as to observe me critically. He looked at his pregnant mistress and back at me. ‘Are you pregnant?’ he asked and I felt both shy and angry. I looked at my mother  in her seat and her bulging stomach was clearly visible even when she was seated.

‘Don’t look at me…answer your father’s question.’ She barked at me and I looked back at my curious angry dad. I then saw my auntie step into the living room. It gave me confidence because she was my greatest defense and she always asked me to tell the truth however bad.

‘Yes daddy.’ I replied. He looked at me unbelievably  as he stood up and wanted to make a step towards me but instead sat back and took a minutes silence.

‘Who made you pregnant?’ He asked in a very gentle but angry tone.

I again looked behind me at my mom and saw her watching me like an outcast. I then looked at my auntie and from her look she granted me permission to tell him everything. I looked down in confusion.

‘Uncle Timothy.’ I said

‘What?’ My mom asked in sheer surprise.

‘He raped me.’ I burst into tears as a heavy slap landed on my right cheek making me hit the other side of my head on the coffee table before I lay flat on my back on the floor rag.

‘Never slander against people like that.’ My mom backed as if to justify her assault on me and by that time I was only seeing stars and everything around me was upside down. I had become dizzy. I heard another slap and some body yelling like a child as she landed on the chair like a log.

‘Don’t touch her again.’ It was my dad. He shouted at my mum as he gave her a slap. I sat upright and saw him standing just an inch away from her while my mom raised her hands in protection against another slap.

‘I need to see Timothy immediately.’ My dad breathed heavily. My mom and her sister seemed to be in shock. He looked at my auntie and restrained himself from giving mom another slap. He quickly left the living room and went into the bedroom. A few minutes later he drove out the gate by himself. He was too annoyed and I suppose he wanted to get the rapist by the tail.

No sooner had the sound of the Cross Country subsided into the distance than my mom pounced on me.

‘Why did you do it?’ she beat me while screaming. Auntie Robinah rescued me by pulling her off  me. ‘Let me kill her… let me kill her.’ She cried as she tried to free herself from my auntie’s firm grip. She was overpowered and sat in the chair.

The way she breathed was full of exhaustion as if she just completed a marathon. She burst up into tears and revealed a dirty secret. ‘The baby I’m carrying is Timothy’s child.’ I and my auntie looked horrified.

My mom was carrying the rapist’s baby and her pregnancy was in an advanced stage. Auntie Robinah looked both puzzled and confused as she asked me to leave them alone.

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