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Amito passed through thick and thin

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Amito passed through thick and thin

Queen Aamito

Born December 3, has worked with many designers on the continent, like Adele Dejak, Sylvia Owori, Mustafa Hassanali of Swahili Fashion week, Gloria Wavamunno and Santa Anzo.

For a girl who once spent a night in the bushes, scuttling away with her grandmother from the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) rebels to take on the glitzy fashion sphere is testament enough that her nerves and character were long emboldened before we knew her.

Aamito was in Primary Two when her mother lost her job in Kampala, To cut costs, her mother took her back to her ancestral home to live with her grandparents. At the time, northern Uganda was under attack by the LRA rebels.

Aamito managed to live through the dark nights of running and the stinging rebellion. That is why we see her take on Africa’s Next Top Model TV reality show competition with such composed character and panache that one judge dubbed her iconic.



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