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Have kids asked you this?

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Have kids asked you this?

I believe in telling kids the truth about any question they ask me. This happened to me when I was young; when I was five years old I saw my aunt using toilet roll as sanitary towel.

I asked her what she was doing and her reply was, I did the same thing she did. When I woke up the next morning and my mum saw my panties mixed with urine and toilet roll, she gave me the beatings of my life. The funny thing is that she did not ask me where I got the idea from.

Whoever says that he has answers to all kids’ questions is telling a lie. My five year old daughter came back on Friday from Kindergarten with a burning question: “Dad, is it true that when people marry they have a child?” I answered her yes. She went ahead and asked me, “Why did you and mummy marry so many times?” I was left speechless.

Children don’t forget what you tell them; in fact they have the ability to connect and relate the statements you tell them. I met a four year old boy who knew me very well because he was a neighbors’ son. He asked me why I was wearing glasses.  I told him it is because I could not see well. He looked so sad. A day later when he saw me, without glasses he came rushing to hold my hands and said, “Where are you going? Let me take you there”.

 It has been proven that children grasp more what they see than what they hear. My niece would always come into my room whenever I finished showering and I never saw it as a big deal because she was about 4 years. So one day I saw her in the room already there writing on some piece of paper, I paid her no mind and was applying some lotion on me and then she turned to me and said: “Uncle, why are your bosoms bigger than my daddy’s yet my daddy is your senior?”

I was like dumbstruck and she was actually looking at me and waiting for an answer like she deserved one and I asked why she asked such question she just shrugged her shoulders. I told her daddy’s is bigger.  She said no and she was so serious about it like she was ready to get into an argument with me.  I told her to leave the room and then she looked at me with her innocent eyes and said, “If I come back will you answer me Uncle?”

When my wife was pregnant a little girl about 3 years old asked her, “Why do you have a big tummy?”  She told the girl that there was a baby inside. The little girl went ahead to ask my wife if she loved that baby in her tummy. To which my wife replied, yes I love the baby.  The girl then asked, “If you love the baby then why did you swallow him? Of course if you deny having swallowed the baby then you must explain to her how the baby got in there.

One of these days a kid is about to ask you a challenging question. Be ready to answer.



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