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Moving Tale of a Frustrated Diplomat’s Daughter

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Moving Tale of a Frustrated Diplomat’s Daughter

Ambassador learns of mother’s situation

My dad had called home five times on three different days without getting anyone to talk to. Every time we got home Opio the gateman would tell us “The phone rung today.” He couldn’t take it because he wasn’t allowed to enter the main house in our absence.

It rang again. I guess he had lost patience. We had just returned in the house from hospital. Mother was still in coma and it was the second day.

‘Robinah!’ He was loud and clear on his side. ‘How many times does one have to call for you to pick the phone?’ he asked.

‘We have just returned home sir.’

Even at night? Where is Deborah these days? Why doesn’t she take my calls?’ Aunt Robinah was speechless and I saw her trying to compose herself but I guess her throat was even dry. She looked at me and swallowed heavily.

‘She’s in hospital sir.’ She replied.

‘Hospital? For how long?’

‘Two days sir.’ There was some silence and my dad calmed down.

‘What is she suffering from? Is it the baby?’ He was inquisitive.

‘Yee… ah… No.’ she replied in confusion.

‘Yes and No? can I know what’s going on. Robinah, am I a bad dad? He asked me and I felt shy. ‘Robinah tell me….

That baby was already in advanced stages. I was here two months ago and I guess she did the abortion a little while back. Do you know the hospital? I need to know what they did with a grown up fetus and what reasons she gave them for his abortion. My aunt seemed shocked and I saw her being insecure with his inquisition.



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