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Extended vacation

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Extended vacation

Recuperation was highly necessary for me. Good day dear readers.

Canon Lewis kept me at his foundation for some more years as my dad kept on moving back to Africa and back after every month. His foundation home was like a camp.

They helped girl youths to deal with various problems which were like mine. It was common in German for sixteen year old girls to run away from their parents because they wanted to stay with their boyfriends. Most of them engaged in sexual affairs with them and had psychological obsessions. Others were sexually abused by their own relatives. Many of the girls in their home had either their boyfriends in remand homes or their relatives in prison for sexual offense on them. Some girls had been in mental hospitals and surgical wards like me.

The Canon and his wife gave psychiatry to them and helped them build their psychological confidence. They gave them tutors who helped nurture their natural skills. Drama and art were significant. Two thirteen year old girls were signed by a famous label company to sing. So many of the girls who were defiled and raped had risen from their home to join the top most universities in England and USA to do Engineering and Law. Some of them who made it were into active politics in their countries.

‘These girls have had a bad past like you Whitney. Rena told me. ‘They came here and we counsel them. Some don’t want to go back to their families because of what their parents have done to them before. Others are brought in by their parents when they fail to handle them. We have found a way to deal with them. We have four girls at Manchester University at the moment. They’re doing Aero-engineering. Oxford and Harvard have also received so many girls who have once been in this foundation.’

She took me to their daycare section and they had about eight babies below five years. ‘Their mothers were raped and they don’t know who their rapists were. Most of the mothers of these children don’t want them and we have given enough babies out to people who adopt children. We try to train them to love their babies and if they can’t then we help them sign for their adoption by people who want them. Two girls of the eight mothers of these children were kidnapped by robbers from their homes and kept in custody for more than six months after killing their parents. They defiled and raped them thus making them pregnant. They were rescued when their pregnancies were fully grown. Problem is that the rapists were more than two and the girls were not sure of which one was the actual father. But we’re keeping records of the DNA tests done on the children and the culprits.’

She also took me to the library. There were magazines about prominent women; Oprah Winfrey, Janet Jackson and Joyce Meyer. Some of them had written their biographies and books. ‘These women are ambassadors of hope to girls who have had nasty experiences.’ She said. They were all abused as children but are now very important people in the world.’

She took me to the stables and asked the horse guide to help me ride on a horse.

Keep your eyes here next week to know what happened next



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