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Big Brother Hotshots: Ellah survives, Laveda, Alusa evicted

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Big Brother Hotshots: Ellah survives, Laveda, Alusa evicted

Ellah will still count some more days in the Big Brother Hotshots House as she on Sunday survived eviction and won immunity from nomination for at least another week.

The Uganda beauty queen had last week been put up for eviction again but kept a safe distance from the boot with Laveda and Alusa living the house.

Ellah has been growing strong having survived three evictions in a row. She has come out from her den and has been more interactive at least in the last weak. 

Her group won the weekly extravaganza, the first guy to be evicted, was a shocker for both Africa and fellow housemates as he had appeared a strong competitor and one of the best entertainers in the House.

However, Laveda, the Tanzanian actress appeared an obvious eviction after 11 housemates had put her up for eviction.

Perhaps her plea for Africa to save her could not do her much magic.

Nomination Session: Week 4

Arthur Sheillah and Mr. 265

Butterphly Sheillah and Kacey Moore

Ellah Sheillah and Macky2

Frankie Sheillah and Macky2

Goitse Macky2 and Luis

Idris Macky2 and Sheillah

JJ Sheillah and Arthur

Kacey Moore Sheillah and Permithias

Luis Mr. 265 and Sheillah

Mr. 265 Permithias and Arthur

Macky2 Nhlanhla and Sheillah

M’am Bea Macky2 and Luis

Nhlanhla Mr. 265 and Macky2

Permithias Mr. 265 and Macky2

Samantha Mr. 265 and Macky2

Sheillah Arthur and Macky2

Sipe Samantha and Kacey Moore

Tayo Luis and Sheillah

Trezagah Kacey Moore and Luis


Number of nominations

Sheillah (10)

Macky2 (9)

Mr 265 (5)

Luis (4)

Arthur (3)

Kacey Moore (3)

Permithias (2)

Nhlanhla (1)

Samantha (1)



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