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Judith Heard to Mary Luswata: You only see my lifestyle in movies

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Judith Heard to Mary Luswata: You only see my lifestyle in movies

Kampala socialite Judith Heard has told Urban Tv’s Mary Luswata that its people like her [Heard] who give meaning to her job.

Mary Luswata had Monday attacked Judith Heard on her gossip show, calling the socialite “open legs” in reference to allegations that she tried to seduce Togolese footballer, medications Emmanuel Adebayo who was in Kampala for a match against Uganda Cranes last week.

In a post on her Facebook wall Judith Heard said: “I thought I would take a minute to remind you [Mary Luswata] to thank two very important people today. The almighty God and Judith Heard without whom you would have been extremely irrelevant.”

“I was right in saying on TV that you need to talk about me in order to keep a job and you justified that so there it is…Thank me ?[?Mary Luswata]??,” Judith Heard posted on Facebook.

The two have had a long-standing run-in with Mary Luswata occasionally jibing the socialite about how she is trying so hard “to be noticed and forcing a life”.

Judith Heard also reminded Mary Luswata of her beautiful lifestyle saying: “I am a tall stunning mother of three adorable babies with a lifestyle you only see in the movies so yes …If I were You, I would hate me too.”

“Rumour has it that your insecurity issues stem from your school days. I wish I could help you but I am sorry I am so busy living a fabulous life but can recommend a shrink for that,” she added.

“I have more coming for your show, in time for that Christmas bonus cheque that you are so badly in need of to fix that $2 weave. Smile child. …God is good -all the time,” she said.





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