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Thugs thump John Segawa, rob him clean

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Thugs thump John Segawa, rob him clean

Actor John Segawa was Saturday robbed and beaten by unknown thugs at his home in Rubaga, who was thoroughly beaten was rushed to Bombo Road based Mayo Clinic. He is nursing head wounds and muscle pains.

In a post on his Facebook wall the actor said: “During the wee hours of Saturday, machete-wielding bandits, horrible thugs and aggravated robbers broke into my house, tied me up, and knocked me so badly leaving me unconscious in a pool of blood.”

“Having complied with their demands they must have felt remorse and took off with everything living me still breathing,” the post added.

However, questions over his attack continue to be a puzzle with friends suggesting that perhaps it was not a simple robbery.

Unconfirmed reports suggest Segawa might have been attacked by foes in a well-orchestrated move.

Close sources told The Sunrise Segawa has since April had a long standing wrangle with a one Pastor Aloysius Bugingi over the management of Red Nite Pub at Bat Valley.

However, The Sunrise could not independently verify or link the “man of God” to the attack.

Another source said Segawa might have been attacked over issues related to women.

However, this theory could also be doubtable since the actor recently told Daily Monitor in an interview that he was not in any relationship.

Segawa told Daily Monitor he was living a single life and loving his children as very few or no woman would give him peace considering the environment in which he lives.

Segawa has dated a number of women including Ruth Wanyana and Mariam Ndagire.

The actor has children with the two women but has since lived a single life but keeping close contact with the mother of his children.

He has also been linked to Leila Kayondo, Ruth Kalibala, Prisca Mikami and a one Caldina.

Others include Mariam Tindatiine, Priscilla Kalibala, Sarah Zawedde, and Aisha Nabukeera.

Segawa raised the dust in the early 2000s as two women – Wanyana and Ndagire exchanged bitterly over the actor.

However, Wanyana lost out as Segawa quit the relationship to go and stay with Ndagire in her then Kitebi home.

The struggle for Segawa threated to tear apart Afri Diamonds, a local drama group based at Bat Valley Theatre.



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