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A Wide Net Trap II

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A Wide Net Trap II

Dear readers, they never got a child between them. Grand father decided to adopt Josephine since she was with him for two years and her mother had died. He avoided having a woman again in his life and brought Josephine and James up as a single father.

He died in 1985. He had written his will a year earlier after doctors failed to treat him of a liver disease.

‘I heard Josephine saying that James always had affairs with her friends yet he knew very well they did not have any blood relations.’ Sarah said.

She had a crash on him. though nothing came of it even when grandfather left them alone. An uncle to my father also tried to push Josephine out of our family claiming that she was trying to seduce him. But my father protected her following his father’s will.

She ended up sleeping with one of  my fathers’ friends out of despair. James was then seeing his campus friend and she possessed him till they married. James was lucky his father was rich and he became rich when he graduated. His father’s prominence helped him to be employed by government.

“Your father attracted the attention of the president after working in the ministry of works for some years. He was made ambassador.’ Sarah narrated on as I listened. I wondered how she got to know almost all. ‘Josephine is a talker and she doesn’t mind to offend anyone in her words. She sometimes doesn’t mind who is listening.’ Sarah said. ‘They talked anywhere and I tell you your mother hates Master James.’

I wondered whether Sarah knew Aunt Josephine was gay and she was using my mother. I remembered she told me the two women were not friends.

‘Do you think they are friends?’ I asked to confirm.

‘No I’m sorry Whitney to say this. One is a female hyena and the other a vulture moving after a lion. The two carnivores are capable of plucking out Master James’s eyes.’ She was philosophical even when I wanted to hate her because she talked about my mother.

Guys catch me next time. Be  blessed



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