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Barbie on relationship, love and work

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Barbie on relationship, love and work

I posted something here sometime back and a quick look through the comments led me to the conclude that girls between ages 20 and 30 follow me the most. Today, confident, approachable, happy, well behaved girl that displays intelligence.

Both your employee and your man to be will fall for those qualities in a second. No one wants a trashy, smelly, loud, arrogant, and irresponsible, all over the place girl for either a girlfriend or employee!

Avoid being a common character that doesn’t miss out on any party in town or at work, one who isn’t selective on what kind of friends to hang with, a loose bi** that says yes to every male that has the need to mate and above all a loud empty tin that annoys everybody at the opening of her mouth.

Remember the basics. I mean those things that you were taught during your childhood. Those small details that your parents constantly reminded you of. How a girl sits in public, how to respond to questions, the attitude you give to strangers trying to approach you and what to say when.

2. Before you pick on a relationship, first write down the qualities you want in a man. Knowing what you want helps ease the sieving process. Make sure what you want is realistic and try to squeeze your list to 10 points. Pray over your list and learn it by heart.

3. When you find that one person that asks to take you out for a date and you see them fit to hang around with, don’t start building castles in the air of how lovely you will look together on your wedding day.

Just know that he may as well not call you the morning after your candle light dinner that seemed very romantic. First dates are the beginning of many more to come or the end of your once upon a time admirer.




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