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When you lose trust, happiness and sacrifice just move on

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When you lose trust, happiness and sacrifice just move on

Once in a while, they always end up happy in their next relationships and for the many unlucky ones who stick in they either stick to the relationship and leave a miserable life forever, sometimes turning into fatality, yet there are also those who leave a relationship where all that they needed was to put just some little effort.

There is a saying that recently I sent to one of my work mates and it says “Many people get the wrong notion that a relationship is a bag full of all the goodies in the world, but the truth is that any relationship is an empty bag where you need to fill up the goodies in return for other goodies ie you put in love you get love out of it, put in hate and that is exactly what you will reap at the end of the day.

Below, we give you the three most important things I personally believe should constantly be in a relationship; if these go, then its time to be moving out of a relationship they may include:-

Making sacrifices
Relationships are not only about give and take and as I have said before if you find yourself in a situation where you have to be the only one giving and there is nothing you are getting, then its surely the time to think about moving.

So always ask yourself such questions … are you always the one who has to give up time, make efforts and put a bigger input that your partner? In this life, your personal values and your vision are the things that make you who you are fundamentally. If you find that you are always called to sacrifice, please go ahead and do yourself a favour and stop chasing.

You can’t remember the last time you were happy

Relationships  are always about happiness and having fun, that is always the road to tread when we are in this world where our life is always a short spans…. So my dear, do not live in misery just for someone, the problem with most of us is that sometimes we allow the soap operas to take our lives and we start living an imaginary life.

Say nay, and get down to earth and define happiness on your terms and feel contented set achievable goals and follow them….if your partner is not like Rambo…don’t expect him to carry you to your bedroom… don’t list being carried as your most romantic gesture, but one thing make yourself happy.

If you cant remember the last time you were happy…then know that your relationship is done…MOVE ON!

Your trust is continuously broken

Being in a relationship with someone is becoming vulnerable to them, so some humanly mistakes are agreeable but the moment this becomes the norm please jump the wagon….

Some people wrongly believe that loving is letting the other party hurt you all the time, the truth is that if you don’t love someone they can’t hurt you but if your lover consistently hurts you, or your loved ones consistently don’t care about your feelings, its time to let go.

You’ve already been hurt countless times; what makes you think the pain will stop if you continue holding on?

Lastly I believe that respect caps all the above and it is something that does not have to be even discussed and always remember that “Life is a balance of holding on and letting go. We strive to make the right choice but how do we know when it is truly time to let go and move on? Only YOU CAN TELL!



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