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Marry while young and enjoy more sex

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Marry while young and enjoy more sex

Our grand father used to pressurize every boy who reached eighteen years to get married.


The old chap ended up sounding vapid because we never wanted to get married; we were still young and we hoped that it was fashionable to do research on as many girls as we could. And in my literature class my favorite book was titled ‘I will marry when I want’.  

At every wedding grandpa would point his finger on each one of us saying “You are next”; something we hated most. We realized an opportunity to pay him back in his own currency at the burial of his old time friend. After the burial, your mind is boggled by the amount of money people spend on this stuff.

Statistics may show that couples who marry young are more likely to get divorced. And even if you get divorced after marrying young, what’s wrong with that? After all you still have plenty of time to find someone new. Besides marriage is not about statistics; it about love.

One challenge with getting married young is that everyone assumes you’re pregnant and you are desperately pushing yourself into marriage to get a cover up. Some people think that either your parents have pushed you into it or you have rebelled against parents.

People who get married young must be enjoying a honey moon more than those who are older. Imagine a 20 year old boy being locked in a luxury hotel apartment with an 18 year old girl as newly married couple for a week or more. This is real sex adventure.   

A friend of mine called me after the first night of his honey moon saying, “man it was not easy in this room, the entire night was all about in and out, up and down”. They booked a wrong hotel room next to the elevator; people were busy getting in and out of the elevator and the poor machine was busy getting up and down giving the couple a sleepless night.

People who get married young enjoy more sex than those who do so at a later age. When you first get married, you won’t be able to keep your hands off of each other. Everyday will be a challenge to find a new position and crazy place to have sex. After a while, you’ll need a break on realizing that you have to make your relationship about more than sex.

For pretty young couples you are likely to request an older expert to teach you how to make love on your honey moon.  Frankly speaking there are young men who don’t know that it’s their hands that should be pushed into the cookie jar and not their heads. Invite me for lessons; I can be of some help.



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