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Women hate the truth when they ask questions

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Women hate the truth when they ask questions

Sometimes l wonder if women could comfortably live on earth without men. Women are likely to depend on men in everything. Men not only protect, ‘Who?  Me? Yes, I do love you’. If you ambushed a man with such an abrupt and shocking question expect any thing.  Men are likely to assure you that you are the couple that God put in the Garden of Eden.  

There are women who normally ask a question like ‘ I’m I fat?’. Some women ask such obvious questions. Proof is on the sky that she is a whale’s cousin but she goes ahead to ask if she is fat. If men were to be sincere, they would answer that question this way: ‘Compared to what? An elephant or a buffalo?’

Listen to this question: ‘Sweetheart, are you cheating on me?’ I wonder why women keep bothering men with such a question.  Who will ever admit that he is cheating on you? Next time when a woman asks you if you are cheating on her give her this answer: ‘No sweetheart am not cheating on you. Am cheating on some other woman’

Women also ask this question:  ‘Am I beautiful?’ Any sympathetic man will obviously say, yes you are beautiful but deep down in his heart he knows that you can even act a horror without a mask. I never believed that Chimpanzees are our close relatives until I met my friend’s girl friend. The irony is that she is also constantly told that she is beautiful.

It is also common for women to ask their boyfriends this question:  ‘What do you like most about me?’ Every one would expect a man to give an endless string of things he likes about his fiancée but  to our surprise the man takes  some minutes scratching his head looking for an answer. That’s why you can’t be surprised at the end when he finally says, ‘your smile’.  All he admired was that smile. This means the wife can make a good advert for a toothpaste company.  

After visiting the saloon your wife is likely to ask you:  ‘Do I look younger now?’  True men will always say yes. But sincere men, who actually don’t exist, will say the otherwise. Women want to look younger even when they were part of the crew in Noah’s Ark.  When a woman asks me a question I no longer answer because I may speak the truth which always offends them.       



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