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Kiss like an expert

kissing is accepted as one of the best ways of showing emotions from religious to family matters to sexual amusement.Kissing is regarded as a sacred act. But the problem is that no one comes out and tutors us on the do’s and don’ts of kissing. Well that is the topic for another day.
Kissing and its benefits

By the way, did you know dear reader that kissing has many benefits? Also it is one of testing indicators that a relationship is about to crumble? That too is a topic for another day.

Today lets look at ways to perfect this beautiful act that we all take for granted!

Create a comfortable kissing environment

A comfortable environment does not mean that we lay clean sheets for a kissing session….nay…all one needs is to ensure that whoever you are planning to kiss is comfortable with the surroundings. It could even be around the street corner the important thing is are the two of you comfortable?

Oral Hygiene

If you must kiss, be sure of your oral hygiene. Please don’t spoil this holy act if you are not sure of your hygiene save the kiss for another day. This is even more sensitive if its the ‘first kiss’, this is because bad breath will deter your chance of getting a second chance with your mate! So a kiss from a long day of work should strictly be limited to simple pecks.


It’s another key ingredient Just like all important assignments in life, kissing should always be accompanied by key communication aspects like talking and listening. The communication does not only have to be verbal, body language is also very important, checkout the rhythm of the body and act accordingly. ( Please ignore those forceful Hollywood kisses, they will only earn you a slap or a police case).

Take the lead

This is a special advice for the sisters, though you have been programmed to always follow the lead, kissing is one sexual act that you can lead without fearing what your partner will think of you even if he is a new catch….The good thing is that you can control the act and the outcome say if he is pressing so much, you can pull his head back and give him your directions.

The other advantage about leading is that unlike sex where any comment could hurt the fragile male ego, kissing comments, instructions and rebuff can be corrected there and then without much drama. Get the whole body involved. Most kissing articles will tell you what to do with your lips…but there is so much more in kissing than the locking of your lips!

Involve the whole body

Make sure that the whole body is involved, the embrace (unless you are kissing through the window )make sure that the body is in close up position, your hands are also one of your best allies ,use them to maximize the kissing experience.

Your eyes locking is one of the most romantic things that a couple can do effortlessly

Kissing zones on the body

If you were ready to read the zones that are kissable….then know that you have a problem! This is because there is no single body part that can’t be kissed, from the eye lashes to the small toes, each and every part of the body is sensitive to kissing, though some parts needs you to change on the intensity of the kiss, other parts needs just light brushes of the lips or the tongue…Others need the vigorous sucking of a baby sucking the nipples of its mother !

Lastly but not least, one should know that kissing is one of those sexual acts that can be improved even by yourself meaning that one can improve the kissing techniques by reading more about kissing and also there is a technique called ‘kiss yourself’…. Here one stands in front of a mirror and kiss your reflection on the mirror, many a people have learnt much from this technique….have a good kissing experience , next time you kiss someone !



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