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Be careful with rough sex

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Be careful with rough sex

Hand bondage should be done with someone you truly trust.

Hand bondage should be done with someone you truly trust.

I have been holding this topic for almost three months so that my friend does not think that I have taken his case to the world stage.

Okay a small preview: I have a super handsome friend of mine in Makindye, he is young and adventurous: Early this year he hooked himself with a Muzungu babe from the outside countries.

Firstly, he started asking me about rough sex and I really did not want to encourage him to go for such, but young men will always be young men, he went for it and what transpired he alone can tell you, but he spent a month in internal hospital nursing a broken penis!(yes a broken penis).

So today I would like to write something about rough sex for those extra adventurous guys out there.

Generally speaking, rough sex is the type of sex where you involve pain in the sexual act to increase sexual pleasure!

Rough sex is not something most people talk about easily, but yet, it’s something that as the world is becoming a small village, everyone should know about because its well practiced in many countries.

One weird thing about rough sex is that actually when done right one can enjoy it because of its aggressiveness and wildness, something that can be a change of routine to our bedroom chores.

Research has found out that Pain and pleasure release endorphins, a morphine-like chemical created in the body. So when one learns  to mix pain with sexual pleasure one can  be able to actually enjoy the experience.

On the other hand it’s a dangerous sex escapade that some years ago took the life of one of my best actors ‘David Caradine, (they found him hanging in his hotel room after suffocation while having rough sex!)

Safe rough sex tips

Nibble and bite
You can unleash your animal instinct here, the secret is to bite hard to leave a mark but not draw blood, try the neck, belly, and inner thighs and any area that you and your partner feel is safe.

Scratch like a cat and purr

The biggest culprit here is the back, although one might find it weird but a scratch in your back can actually heighten your sexual act.

Powerful  moves

Pounding each other as if hitting an enemy might look aggressive but the power involved usually turns both of you on.

The porn slaps

Okay we see this everyday in the porn movies, personally I think that this is about the only thing they do right about rough sex, slaps on the bum will send more blood on your goodies and this heightens the sex experience.

Abusive words

This I learnt from a cousin of mine who is now a big shot, he used to call his woman b***h and I thought that she used to be offended until I read a note where she was telling him she wants to be his bitch tonight!

Fantasizing and role play

Here one can fantasize about whips, using force or even tying your partner, in fact rough sex is 50% fantasy so use your safety ways to fantasize safely.

The bad side of rough sex

This article would lose meaning if I dont talk about the bad side:

Rough sex, as the  name goes, has a self explanatory meaning; it is using a rough method to achieve sexual pleasures, the bad thing is that the human body is composed of sensistive parts, the Americans have a saying ‘don’t do anything that you wont want to explain to the doctors’! Rough sex that goes beyond what partners agree on is out rightly sexual abuse and here are some of the ills that you can get from silly rough moves:-

Broken penis

This is the reason that I wrote this piece. What can break a penis is a topic for another day, one thing that you and your partner should bare in mind is that a penis is a combination of very delicate fibres!

Cervix damage

Penetrating too deep in a hurried motion can damage a girl’s cervix which can lead to bleeding or bruising, also there is a risk of tearing of the  vaginal walls due to aggressive moves.

Playing safe

Most of the times rough sex may involve scenes and acts where one partner has total control over the other, meaning that safety measures like condoms can be tricky to control.

Also your protection can get torn. It’s also almost impossible to control ejaculation and orgasms while having rough sex.

Lastly and most importantly, many people have lost their lives in the name of rough sex and its also very important to know that anyone who has gone under any sexual traumas like rape should never be brought to the table of rough sex.

Finally, also one should never indulge in rough sex with strangers and perform acts that may be fatal if not done right. Thus bare in mind that rough sex is all about knowing your partner and thus has its limitations!




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