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‘You must fight on’

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‘You must fight on’

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Your life can be transformed. Decide now, at this time of the year, to look through history and see men or women, whom the world had declared failures, who stood up again and dusted themselves off and ran hard and won gold medals for themselves. You will learn lessons.

The struggle still continues. I need your attention. Those who slumber find battles getting over and no one considers them. In this government, those who didn’t desert the big man, during the liberation war, will serve us for years, as long as they still want. Winners don’t give up. The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

You must be quite a changed person now. Let’s carry on together. Do not be distracted. Politics is busy swinging our country around, dangerously. Wherever I look I see greed being exposed, by even those who people thought would liberate this country, from the jaws of massive backwardness. We look around, seeking those we can trust, in politics and, surely, we might find none.

My friend, be focused and forget the politics that dominates our country now. You need to lay foundations that will enable you survive and live happily regardless of the regime that exists. Concentrate on your goal now. You need, now, to believe that you too can do it.

We are responsible but still we, who know what we want, are advised never to engage in things which may not, either directly or indirectly, help us go forward or enable us grab what we must own from the rough and selfish fingers of this world.

A true dreamer cannot walk miles to attend a rally and jump excitedly in support of any politician unless he or she knows that the rise of that person, to power, is necessary. The things you want are in this world and any body is free to seek them and enjoy them as long as he or she has done what it takes to get them.

Whenever I look around or think about the struggles that men or women who stepped out of the huge crowds of people, who were saying “it could not be done”, I never fail wake up every day and take up my tools to go into the world to tell the tired and the discouraged that nothing is impossible.

Now, I see, the year has become so determined to reach the finishing line. And if it is, cases of suicide shall increase. This is the period of year when even those who looked so determined give up and run away forever from the world of action. Most people, during such times, fear to tell their true age. Human beings feel bad, deep in their hearts, when they grow older and remain unsuccessful.

That is why a 50- year- old man without a presentable house, or any thing to make people turn around to look, and praise him, will say he is 45. Lying! So bad I also felt when poverty continued to thump me yet I had fought it for years.

When hard life continues, people lose hope. Others take their own lives. People give up if they seek and fail to find. Others, like the man on Ben Kiwanuka, lose so much hope and pick a tin to go and beg from the passers-by in the streets.

There are so many people throughout the world who do not believe, it, that even the simplest thing can be done. Wherever we go, we who do what the world believed to be impossible, we have to devote a lot of time to explain, to the listening world, that it was after years of trying and failing, as we cried and the world laughed, that we managed to gather power which enables us even to look forward and see what may happen in future.

Great people passed through so many heart-breaking struggles before they arrived. Why don’t you get up, my friend, and continue trying? You will get there. Do not be misled by what you hear from the negative world and arm-chair thinkers.

True dreamers look for dependable facts always. It is persistence and patience that you perhaps need now. Add them to desire and the lack of fear. You will, undoubtedly, do what someone once said couldn’t be done.

During the lean years, years that I spent in this world walking around hopelessly and aimlessly and half-clothed, with my rib cage seen by every body with eyes, my heart could bleed endlessly and so much.

I cried and called upon people around, friends and relatives, to come to my rescue. Nearly no one could pay attention. Years could come and pass and I saw almost no progress. Stars are clearly seen when it’s dark enough.

Whenever I think of what men like Mandela or Lincoln or Mahatma Gandhi and Socrates went through, I continue to believe that those who genuinely dream and then act whole heartedly cannot remain the same.

It was not just chance for me to walk out of the heavily guarded prison to the free world. It was not just luck that enabled men like Bill Gates or Warren Buffet and ruthless Donald Trump to write their names on the world known charts with indelible ink. Fight on!

Sekka Bagenda is writer.
An inspirational Public Speaker and a Sports Scientist.
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