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When he doesn’t want to pay back

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When he doesn’t want to pay back


Many a time, they promise to pay back after three weeks.

Those three weeks however, turn into years, chases and worst case scenario, millennia. Why do bad things happen to good people? Well, during your stay at campus, you need to understand, that you are bound to run into that kind of guy who only pays back if you got a pair of pliers on his balls. Why?

Because most campus guys don’t actually work and until attending lectures pays, they will always have a bigger expenditure than their earnings.

So, the literally poor lads spend their entire lives in a vicious cycle of trying to rob Peter to pay Paul, and then when Peter finds them out, they have to find another player to rob and keep the cycle going.

So, your landlord too wants his cake and the only source of income you have is the guy who promised to pay back after three days, what do you do if he plays the Tom and Jerry game on you?

First off, this is Uganda. Our legal system is lower than a snail drawn chariot. So police or court should be left for the guys who have hefty sums of money at stake.

Not the pocket change you gave a guy who wanted to impress his girlfriend on her birthday. So agree with me on this, the court or legal systems are out.

The golden rule about lending money to any of your pals is that you need to be realistic. When James, a guy who barely affords a ticket to any Ziza Bafana concert borrows money from you to attend Akon, which in the long run is a non-profit investment, the red flags in your head should already be up.

If I was a judge and you brought this case to me, I would give you three lashes in the back and pay you back myself. My point is, always try so much to lend money to people who either have profitable ventures to attend to, or if you actually don’t, make sure you know about their income sources not someone who wants show off to some girl who is clearly out of his league. By the time you borrow money to keep a girl happy; she is out of your league.  

Take two. Regardless how close that pal is, always seek for collateral security by highlighting how important the money is to you. It should always be something he loves so much and it has to be at least the same value as the money he is seeking.

Of course he will downplay your effort by saying, he is not that cheap to run away with your money, but be stern and tell him that you won’t run away with his gadget either.  The moment you let you guns down on his sweet talk, you will be the loser here.

Take three. After he hands up the gadget, please make him write somewhere then produce a signature. The details should involve where the signing took place, time, collateral involved and the available witnesses.

You ca add thumb prints as well. By this, at the back of his head, it will hit home how serious he will take the debt. He will take his grace period very strongly and if he isn’t a Butabika inhabitant, he will use the money for the best of causes and avoid getting into debt very often.

So what if you didn’t do all that? Do you take them to safe house and torture them like Jack Bauer? No. You need to swallow and take that sum and loss and move on.

Or if you need the relationship with him that much, try as much as possible to give not lend. On top of everything, never give out a lot of money.

Lend out a sum that you can afford to lose. Don’t hit rock bottom depression because you lent some guy money. The world will laugh at you.





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