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How to handle a village belle in bed

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How to handle a village belle in bed

Cosy couple in bed

Cosy couple in bed

What we see and hear determines our line of behavior, that is why a city belle will act differently in bed when compared to a village belle.

There have been arguments that a rural belle beats the city belle by far when issues under the sheet are considered, here is a personal experience of what the rural belle would enjoy, so next time you hook a rural belle forget oral sex and the kinkiness and styles you see in pornographic videos because this belle will think of you as weird.

Energy beats all

The rural belle does not want something sexual unless it means that you will go the whole nine yards. The thing here is that the rural girl takes very little notice of romance and thinks its time wasting.

If you want sex, better go for it straight away and stop wasting time, its because of this nature of intimacy that your rural girl will take long to achieve an orgasm. And because of this you must be having some extra energy, or else!

Slow then fast

While rural girls want to get to the point fast, when the action starts they want the exact opposite…sloooowly and they would not shy away from telling you to take your time with it. Its when things hots up that they will ruff you up forcing you to take things to another level

Role playing is a no go area

One of the top things that make sex interesting for a city belle is taking control, but for a Rural belle this is out of the question, they were risen to believe that the man controls everything.

So hoping that the village belle will suddenly jump on you and ride you is just an illusion that will just never happen. Meanwhile, be ready to do the missionary style and nothing more unless you want to be called weird.

Avoid kinky stuff

A rural belle aren’t into anything too kinky. Sure, things like sex toys and role-play (as mentioned above) so keep the whips and blindfolds when you return to the city. You want to tie her up? But why she will definitely ask


As long as you’re gentle, a rural belle will be turned on by receiving a nice, sensual massage. It can get your night off to an amazing start, so don’t underestimate the power of first time good massage for this kind of girl.

Dirty talk

A rural belle may be too shy for dirty talk themselves, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t love to hear it. As long as you don’t mind being the only speaker, you should make a point to tell your partner exactly what you want to do to her.


Since a Rural belle will worry that they’re doing everything wrong, you have to reassure them that you like the way they kiss and touch you. Don’t remain silent when you could be complimenting them. It’ll help them relax and will make for a more exciting night.



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