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Dying for the unreal

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Dying for the unreal

Bruce Jenner aka Caitlyn Jenner is now happier as a woman

Bruce Jenner aka Caitlyn Jenner is now happier as a woman

We all love looking good, . But this comes at a cost. Having insecurities about what and who you look like is something that will turn your worries into a real thing.

I have come to notice that this exists in so many minds and hearts of most of us. So now, if you have insecurities about your appearance, what do you do? The direct answer would be to make sure that you install security locks in order to protect what you have and stay positive about it.

I know many people who don’t feel comfortable in their own bodies, (somebody say hello to Bruce Jenner for me, or should I now say Caitlyn Jenner), others do not want what they have and yet they say being greedy is not at all good. But then, being ambitious is not that bad either you know.

I will turn the big guns to our renowned celebrities, yes, Nicki Minaj; now if by any chance you know and follow Nicki Minaj, then surely you know what she has done with herself; great artificial body, good music, thousands and thousands of followers, comfortable life, boyfriend to die for Meek Mill and so forth.

The medium rated teenage girl and the recently ordained youth will both be dying for a life like hers. But has she really done in impaction morals, apart from inspiring our young female generation to get artificial behinds, hips and faces in the aim of being her look alike.

Quote me right dear ones, am not saying that plastic surgery is a walking devil, and neither am I praising it to be a smiling angel, no one can do away with what they don’t want and posses what makes them feel better; do you know why?

Because the true you will always linger in your memory and of those who once knew your originality and will forever make comparison of your progress. Yes, you may turn a deaf ear on all that and trash it in a can as your dreadful past; but as you do this, have in mind the side effects.

A significant number of people who have done these plastic surgeries look good when young but as they grow, they start not to like the repercussions because of the baggage that comes with the act.

We have all heard, read and watched scenes of the late Michael Jackson’s falling nose,( rest in peace with all due respect), and of the many other celebrities who have on and on had issues of secondary repairs to maintain what they bargained for in the beginning so as to look like what we see them as today. Long sharp noses, straightened and bigger lips, hip extensions, change in gender appearance and the likes.

But even when one knows it is all not real hence being artificial, thousands of both male and female funs still go crazy on the sight of Nicki’s body and this leaves me dumb founded. The world and its science.



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