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“My Home” Premiered at Cineplex

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“My Home” Premiered at Cineplex


A movie on land and the youths in Uganda was last week premiered Cineplex cinema at the Hub oasis mall in Kampala.

The Movie that attract hundreds of stakeholders who included legislators was unveiled on IDD day and according to pundits it is anticipated that the movie will be highly welcomed by film lovers both locally and internationally given its educative touch and the rising cases of land issues

The Movie suggests that youths are selling land to buy motorcycles and become Boda Boda Cyclists, start up retail shops, or do hawking business in the urban centers. Yes, a few have succeeded but majority are frustrated yet they no longer have land from which they can base, plan and work towards a better tomorrow.

The elders/parents also sell land for purposes of educating their children, however; after graduation, just a few of the grandaunts get jobs.

The problem cuts across all Ugandans even though Baganda youth have been at the centre of critism.

They end up staying in the city living a life of gambling for their means of survival are quite uncertain. This is one of the reasons as to why the youths are the biggest percentage in Ugandan prisons.

The Executive producer and actor Tayebwa Martial revealed believes that the  movie  is intended to change the mindset of many Ugandans especially the youth suggesting that this is the  first ever educative movie on land and the youth in Uganda.



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