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‘Unite, or we lose’

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‘Unite, or we lose’


Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump


Deep, within me, I feel so concerned.   I can hear wailings across the world. People in the United States think they deserve better.  They ask, “Will it be Hillary or the arrogant Trump?” Whatever happens at last, there in the U.S.A, or up in south Sudan, we must keep fighting, to accomplish what we vowed to achieve.

We are moving on and, indeed, somewhere we are, nearing the land, promised to us.Faith still works, even during these times where virtually everyone wants to doubt and argue. A man who doesn’t see what you see, deep within you,will always disagree with you.

Now, keep your mouth closed. In fact this world may not understand you. They are going to scoff at you. What you do is perhaps ridiculous, but as long as you see where you are going, then go on.

People are looking for tremendous riches! Yes, all those things are achievable to a person who prepares his heart to pursue them whole heartedly.

Do not explain to us. Do not give us those reasons why you may not get there. Unity is vital. Look into history and see, united people won. Disunity is behind the heavy poverty in some societies.

We are not united, here in this country. This explains the quarrels and the hugely immature politics here. Until one learns to cooperate with others, one may never get access to the secrets that rich and successful people jealously guard.

If we are to seethe intended results of the struggle, this aging struggle, we must be united. Stay unbowed and be strong in your heart knowing that all things are possible to all those who believe. Once more, calm down, my friend, and sit down, and accept to obey, so that you can learn from those who saw, first, what you have always yearned to see.

These ingredients, in the Sunrise, were lacking in our newspapers. People are looking for peace. Men can now go into the world and gather money, all the money they want, but they need to be told that money, gathered in great amounts may not buy permanent happiness and enduring peace.

Families across the world are broken. Countries have fought among themselves for centuries. People are crying.

This is our country and,I think, we would want it develop? Let’s come together, as one, and let it go forward.

It’s a well known fact that we are people who admire a lot. And there is evidence to back this: it is common to find a financially struggling Ugandan driving a posh car. Up scale suburbs are full of people who may never bereally rich. So many so called big spenders, here, may never know anything about true riches.  We preach water, but away from people, we enjoy alcohol.

Our country is almost on its knees. Those who know the truth are always quiet. And when we courageously stand up to talk, they pretend to be so busy. They then join the negative world to gather chains so that we can be chained.

The rich are so hidden and your ear must be so sharp to hear anything from them. You are informed and can, therefore, name all the wealthy men, and women, here, but, tell me those words that you always here from them , to inspire you, and I will reward you abundantly. I will begin by telling you all the uses of wisdom. We are not united here!

It is a common habit, among Ugandans, to fight those doing the right thing. The katikiro of Buganda has won himself so many enemies. And Jennifer Musisi facedhuge opposition, too. Kampala isnot the city Ugandans deserve!

The wise cooperate and accomplish goals first. Wise men, in history, are people who conquered their enemies with love. If Mandela did not bring the white man close to him, South Africa wouldn’t be the country it is today.

Our streets are full of paupers. Disunity! Nothing goes on if the participants are not united. Football clubs cannot win trophies if the people, involved, are not united.

Yoweri Museveni and his men were ill-equipped but they were united.It is the reason they won. Once disunity crawls into an organisation, failure walks in through the front door to destroy that organisation.

Schools that were powerful are now no more. Disunity! Disunity will break, into pieces, a powerful hospital like Mulago. Disunity can prevent a miracle from happening. Disunity is the reason why dictators cling to power.  Born again churches?! Disunity!

I would wish to see a better country but I am afraid, this may never happen,as long as disunity continues to prevail, here.

Unite so that you can see what your ancestors did not see. You need to go and cooperate with, even, your enemies so that you can get what is not easy to get, when you are alone.

Wise men do not mind what people say or think about them as long as they, at the end of the day, acquire what they wanted.

Aggressive thinkers work with their enemies! We shall one day die, and leave this earth. What shall we leave behind?Unite!

Sekka Bagenda is a writer; An inspirational Public Speaker and a Sports Scientist. Have your say via 0756717967 or email:



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