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If you lay down and make a baby stand up and be a dad

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If you lay down and make a baby stand up and be a dad

LOVING DAD: There are many fathers out there who do not love their children

LOVING DAD: There are many fathers out there who do not love their children

I will never forget the day you left us to go with another woman. I will never forget how you chased our dear mother. You left us to grow up with people we did not expect to grow up with. We lived as outsiders in our very own home.

Father, you abandoned us, and you left us in sorrow.

We have never enjoyed  any freedom because you violated the little we had when we were still very little. I hate you dad, I never want to see you again, and I don’t want to be your friend either on face book or twitter.

You are not a father because you feared to stand up to your responsibilities. We were violated because we had nothing to fight for not even inheritance, not even respect because no one can respect the poor.

I don’t want to see you on my graduation, introduction, on my wedding or near my family. You wanted to be happy that’s why you ran out of home so continue searching for your happiness but far away from us. How shameless you are, you decided to go forever you can go on with your life in our family no one wants you.

I cannot stop crying when I think about what our dear mother went through looking for school fees,  for us, food everyday and every night. She used to suffer a lot but she did not stop because she wanted to see us grow  up into responsible citizens.

Because of you dad, I have a very low self esteem, low self confidence, and I have grown up with an anger boiling deep within me, I have that anger that is older than me. Because of you papa, I cannot express what I feel in public, because of what happened to us am so scared.

Your money is yours alone, but how about us your children father? Think about our mother how can you  be happy knowing that other people are wishing you only suffering.

I used to hate men thinking that every one behaves like you but I was wrong. It’s so sad to start telling other people or your friends about how many children you have yet you never cared. We have seen so much suffering in our lives so if you coming to impress us please don’t bother. You cannot cease to see other women free; you disturb one to the other as if you are insane.

We have been abused, harassed because we lacked protection from our father. We lived a life of lack not because we did not have a father, we had him but he never cared.

What kind of a father are you? Now we abit successful you want to show up our mother doesn’t want to see you again because she went through a pain when we were growing up.

We don’t the roles of a father in a family because you left us very young, you don’t know how hard it is to grow up with a single parent. Thank God our mother was lucky she managed to live all the trials in life and now she is relieved.

You’re not God to determine our destiny please live the life you chose leave us alone. Father we used to see you in Katwe boosting around pretending that you have money you used to run away from me because you knew am going to ask you for school fees. I slept outside waiting for you to come around to help us and our mother it’s too painful that you did not show up.

I lost my patience and I went to nearby police for help but I couldn’t say anything because I was afraid, father you made us regret why we were born. You have never been sad every time I used to see you ,you were so happy  but us your children lived a life of suffering, sadness that’s why we are asking you never to torment our lives like you did before.

I rather be alone in this world than to be with you. Fathers don’t give up on your families, stand up and take responsibilities because if you don’t do want you are supposed to do you remember everything has consequences.





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