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Mama’s Death drew writing Inspiration in Ssesimba’s Life

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Mama’s Death drew writing Inspiration in Ssesimba’s Life

Mahad's Inspiration Story

Mahad’s Inspiration Story

Mahad Ssesimba, a Senior Six student at Upland High School, Mutundwe, is one lucky writer. He writes books, while studying, all at once.

Speaking to The Sunrise, Ssesimba, narrated his inspiration journey that bought him into the industry. “When my mum died in 2002, I was taken to live with my grandmother, Saidat Nabukenya, in Kyazanga, Lwengo District.” She has been my greatest inspirations to start writing books.

He said that he’s grandmother was a writer, too; and she used to buy him books to read. Such was, “Zinunula Omunaku”, by Edward K Kawere. These books motivated him to doing a similar thing; and later, he realized that his passion was writing.

Ssesimba started writing novels in Luganda when he was in Primary Three; and his first book was titled, “Edoboozi lya Buganda.’ Ever since then, he has continued writing and publishing books. His publications include: “Nsimatuka Amagombe”, “Obuddu Mu Nsi Yange” and “Muka Kitange Lumbe”, among others.

“I love to write fiction stories and most of my books are in narrative style,” he said. “My books inspire me a lot because they are based on the local happenings, and also, they convey the day-to-day happening in the society. People who have read them have found them very interesting,” he adds.

Aside from writing books and studying, he has featured in various stage plays like; “Essanyu Teriberera” and “Taffa Nga” at the National Theatre, and through this, he has managed to pay for his school fees and also paying for his other needs.

Through his journey, he has been assisted and has managed to work with various prominate writers, and editors like; Olivia Lawino, from Fountain Publishers. He believes that it has been a trying journey but worth it.

Out of the little money he has earned from selling his books at the reknowed book stores like; Angelina Bookshop, Uganda Bookshop and Mukono Bookshop, he has managed to open up an orphanage in his home village in Lwengo. The orphanage, Concern for an African Child, caters for orphans. It also caters for the elderly.

He believes that the content conveyed in his writing is something that every youth, child and elder can use as an inspiration; and he is convinced that no one fails to be inspired when they read his books.



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