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Walter Told Lillian Mack Had Been Arrested

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Walter Told Lillian Mack Had Been Arrested

Lillian Is Told About Mack's Arrest

Lillian Is Told About Mack’s Arrest

Remember we left when Lillian had spent over three years trying to locate where she abandoned her baby in vain. By that time if her daughter was to be alive she would be 25 years. She had given up the search. But something had happened. Mack her only son had been arrested and the call was from Walter, the father of the lost daughter.

“When I received the call I got confused because Mack had just called me wishing me a good morning and he was using the office telephone. I tried to call his number, it was off.

“I inquired from Walter why, but he wanted me in his office to discuss it, but not on phone. I called David, my husband. He had slept at my co-wife’s place. He immediately came to my office and we moved to Walter’s.

“When we reached Walter’s office, he called me on my mobile while we were still in the lounge. He never wanted us to discuss this in his office. He requested me to move to Speek Hotel for coffee. I told him that I was with my husband. He said that that is even much better. I got confused.

“What was Walter up to, but I obliged and moved to Speek with David where Walter joined us. There, I was seated in between two men, the fathers of my only two kids, one lost, and now, the second arrested. I could see the rage in Walter’s face. But David appeared relaxed though tensed because of his son Mack’s arrest.

“Walter told us that he is a lawyer to Mack’s bank and that ten million shillings had disappeared from Mark’s custody.

“Hajji Ashraf, I felt so so bad. Why should Mack steal? And ten million shillings was a lot of money, then. I started crying, but Walter calmed me down. As I was looking for my hankie from my bag, Walter gave me his.

“I could see David feeling insecure, but I realized it too late because I was already using the hankie. Walter was so modern, unlike my David. I put it to the mere fact that he had studied in London. My David had learnt at Makerere and from down town, Kikuubo, was a bit below sophistication standards.”
Here, Lillian laughed.

“Hajji Ashraf, Walter yeeyagalira ku mwami wange!  Walter continued to tell us that, Mack didn’t steal the money but he mistakenly gave it to a customer. Instead of Shs100, 000, Mack gave the woman Shs10, 000, 000 and the woman has denied receiving the money. David suggested paying the money and the case closed.

“Walter, with his legal scholarship and language, mockingly laughed at David; that this was a criminal offence, and it would be as if Mack has accepted the offence, if he paid the money, which would dent his reputation permanently. So, he advised us to argue the case in court. That is why he had called us for a private meeting, being the lawyer of this same bank. He didn’t want it to be seen with the defendant’s parents.

“I asked him whether he was sure Mack would win the case because if found guilty, he would be in prison for over seven years. Walter just said: ‘I’m a lawyer, my dear’. We all kept quiet as he sipped his coffee.
“It’s David who broke the silence, when he asked what next. Walter suggested that he was going to direct us to his brother’s chambers who would represent Mack in court and leave the rest to him. Of course, though a lawyer myself, I could not represent my son.

“Walter continued to say that he was doing everything for free; that he would even pay his brother.

“I could see this didn’t go well with David. Walter paid the hotel coffee bill. I asked him whether I could see Mack. He advised us to go to his brother’s chambers from there and come to court at 2 p.m.; that the brother was going to ask for bail and it wouldn’t be denied.

“‘I think you will both be the sureties?’ he asked us and left me with David speechless.

“Gwe Hajji, Omusajja yatweyagalirako e suite jeyali ayambade haaaaa oba yali yabukadde bumeka? He even had a laptop and I think Uganda had not more than 20 of them by then.
“At Walter’s brother, Peter (not real name) the receptionist was an Albino. When I introduced myself to her, she just said that, Counsel was expecting us. We walked through the corridor and you could see the chambers were big. I saw in one of the rooms other two Albinos; a man and a woman, but having known their family, history I didn’t bother.
“Peter was another handsome man, younger to Walter. I had seen him at the airport when sending Walter abroad for studies. He pretended not to know me. But he was welcoming.

“He called Robinah (not real name), who immediately introduced herself to us that she was going to represent Mack in court. My God, Robinah was an Albino. Why I was being followed by these white people is that I had one I left one in the forest tormenting me.

“I saw David disappointed, and I was, too. Did Walter want my son to go behind bars? Peter laboured to explain Robinah’s capability to us because he saw disappointment on our faces, but it was in vain. Nevertheless, because the time for court was approaching, and since we did not want to annoy, Walter we accepted to go with her. Peter had another case in the High Court.
“In the court, I saw Mack very worried and even disappointed when he saw Robinah, an Albino, as his lawyer. He looked at us as traitors. Robinah asked for bail which was granted. And the case was referred to the High Court because of the ten million shillings amount. With the influence of Walter everything was done very fast and within a month the case was in the High Court for hearing.
“To our surprise, Robinah argued the case that by the time Mack gave out the money it was past 5 p.m. The bank used to close at 4 p.m.; and they just closed the doors not to allow more customers in, but he had continued to work to finish serving all the customers who were inside. With Walter, Robinah argued that Mack was over-worked beyond the normal hours, so he did not realize the mistake because of fatigue. The case was dismissed and Mack was set free. Mack was even paid costs.
“Mack and Robinah became very very good friends, to the extent that he started visiting her home, and in turn, Robinah visited Mark. It was going too far that I advised Mack to leave that Albino alone.

“Mack was now doing his Masters degree having been discontinued from the bank. Mack used to take my word, but this time he was a bit rude to me that why should I always interfere in his affairs; that he was now a grown up.

Banange, Hajji Ashraf, I saw my son marrying an Albino. I decided to confront Robinah. When I called her number it was Mark that picked it. I enquired where they were. Mark told me that they were at his home.
“With all the rage in me, I went to attack Robinah to leave my son alone. When I entered the house, I found them both crying. I asked the reason and Robinah excused herself into my son’s bed room. I charged to attack her before Mack stood in my way.

“He calmed me down and sat me on the chair. Mark said, “Mom, Robinah, is just a friend but she is so sad, bambi, her grand is very sick. When the grandmother got sick, she called her last night, and told her that she (Robinah) was not a real granddaughter but was just abandoned by her mother who even wrote this note.

“Myyyyy… it was the very one I wrote 26 years ego…

“Banangeeeeeeee, Hajji Ashraf.”

Here, Lillian started crying uncontrollably. She left me in my chair, and I was thinking, what really happened next. She went into her car, got some mineral water, came back and continued with her story.

Remember, this is a true story told to me by one of my fans, Lillian, (not real name). Please, send your likes and comments. Allha bless you all.




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