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Is Donald Trump’s marriage on the rocks?


Is Donald Trump’s marriage on the rocks?

rejected her husband’s advance to hold her hand, Credit;


Donald Trump’s marriage appears to be enduring significant stress after his wife openly rejected him to hold her hand, for the second day.

On Tuesday, when the couple landed in Rome as part of a nine-day “world peace” tour through Saudi Arabia, Israel, and finally Italy, where the pair will meet with Pope Francis at the Vatican and visit the Sistine Chapel.

While walking down the steps of Air Force One on their arrival at Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino International Airport in Italy, Trump appeared trying to hold his wife’s hand, at the exact moment she reached swung it away to adjust her hair. Then his hand fell awkwardly on her behind.

It was the second time she was doing it, after a similar embarrassing snub on Monday during which Melania clearly refused to hold her husband’s hand while walking on the carpet after departing AirForce one. The pictures sent social media into wild speculation about signs of strain in arguably the world’s most powerful couple.

Speculation about trouble in the Trumps marriage couldn’t have come at a worse moment when  US president’s is facing an investigation back home over allegations of colluding with Russians to interfere with elections. Trump’s sacking of the FBI  Director James Comey sent speculation that her was trying to interfere with the probe, with a guilty intention.

Body language expert Susan Constantine told Yahoo Beauty, that the gesture is a sign of stress in their marriage. “There seems to be significant strain in their marriage since Donald Trump was elected president, and what I think we’re seeing in these small exchanges is Melania attempting to stand up for herself,” she said.

“What’s notable is that these aren’t private rebuffs — Melania knows that cameras capture her every move,” Constantine adds. “It seems like she’s sending her husband a message that she won’t play second-best anymore.”

But unsolicited social media comments appear to point to the root cause of the strain and argue that Trump’s ungentlemanly behaviour of ‘walking away’ all the time may have annoyed her.

But it is also possible that the huge demands of being the US President have taking his attention from his family.



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