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Weasel donates Benz to Pallaso


Weasel donates Benz to Pallaso

Weasal Donates Benz To Pallaso

Most of the times, recently the parents of these sons were in the media spot light with funny accusations.

Now Rafiki has learnt that, recently, Weasel donated his sports Benz to his little brother Pallaso. This would not ordinarily be news because brothers are supposed to look after each other, but the way he gave it to him was really sweet.

Apparently, Pallaso had no car and he had collected some few millions in the hope that Weasel will sell to him the Benz so he waited for Weasel to be sober, so the two could transact the deal.

When the opportunity presented itself,  he laid the money on the table for his brother and presented the brother with his proposal.

An eye witness told Rafiki that at this presentation Weasel just stood up, went outside and came back with a card of the car and the keys which he handed over to his little brother and advised him, to go and utilize the money on something else!

If that is not sweet, then what do you call it?



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